LenelS2 Provides Touchless Access Solutions

Touchless access allows building occupants to eliminate a significant number of access tough points.

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LenelS2 announces the variety of solutions designed to help protect people and assets and to help optimize building health and efficiency. These solutions include touchless access, allowing building occupants to eliminate a significant number of access tough points through the implementation of BlueDiamond mobile credentialing technology.

Benefits of Access Control:

  • Prevent disruptions to your business operations
  • Prevent overcrowding in areas with set occupancy rates
  • Protect employees and visitors from outside intruders
  • Assist with other on-premise loss prevention measures
  • Limit employee movements during and after business hours
  • Protect information and intellectual property from access or theft
  • Protect inventory and equipment from theft or misuse
  • Reduce costs from re-keying locks and managing physical keys
  • Decrease liability and risk associated with stolen or misused equipment
  • Easily controlled and monitored from a centralized security office
  • Prevent unwanted premise access or intrusions

Understanding the security needs of the facility, as well as understanding the positive features and drawbacks of these security devices, is the most important step one can take prior to deciding regarding online vs. offline access control readers.