5 Tips for Hiring During the Coronavirus Disease Pandemic

The "new normal" hiring and onboarding process is changing to comply with the social distancing measures.

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Though many businesses have had to furlough or lay off employees due to the Coronavirus Disease pandemic, others, including many deemed “essential” in the construction industry actually have seen the need for workers to increase. Of course, like everything else, there’s a “new normal” for hiring and onboarding. There are five tips to help companies hire new employees during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Get the word out

Given the information from the news media outlets, many people assume no business is hiring. Unless communicating that there are openings are aggressive, more so than normal, potential employees may not even think to look in the direction of many companies. Post opportunities through all available channels, including local and national job boards, LinkedIn, Indeed and the company website.

Refresh postings often

In these times, people also are likely to assume a month-old job listing has already been occupied by someone else. If positions aren't filled right away, refresh them on a regular schedule so potential prospects know the job is still available.

Enlist your employees

Encourage current team members to share job opportunities with friends and family and via their social media networks. Consider offering incentives to employees who bring in qualified candidates.

Consider past applicants

The last time a position was filled, during the interview process, there are possibilities that there are good candidates, but didn't have room for to hire. Take a look back in the files and reach out to those who met the qualifications. They may still be looking for work or interested in switching jobs.

Prepare to recruit and onboard remotely

Depending on restrictions in different areas and the recruiting team’s comfort with in-person gatherings, it may be safer to conduct job interviews remotely. Tools like Skype, Zoom and Google Hangouts make that fairly easy. If the hiring process includes other steps like a machine operating test, consider how to accomplish testing while complying with social distancing measures. Consider how to set up remote solutions for onboarding and new employee orientation, too.

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